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Batman Vs. Superman: Five Reasons Against Wonder Woman Appearing |

<wonder woman halloween costumes for womenp>There's been lots of speculation going around that Wonder Woman could appear in the Batman Vs. Superman movie. While everyone is pretty anxious to see Wonder Woman finally hit the big screen, we have to question whether the Batman Vs. Superman movie is the right place to introduce her. Here are five reasons against introducing Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman.

5. Don't Rush The Casting - Who plays Wonder Woman is a big decision. While seeing Wonder Woman make a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman would be thrilling for fans, Warner Bros. shouldn't cast this important of a role for just a cameo. Warner Bros. should take the time and make sure that they cast an actress who is capable of carrying a Wonder Woman solo movie and who has availability in her schedule for both future Wonder Woman and Justice League movies.

4. Wonder Woman Needs An Origin - Batman's origin has been told on the big screen before, so there's really no problem with introducing him in a Superman movie. With Wonder Woman, it's been a long time since the seventies TV series. The youth of today need to see a full-blown Wonder Woman origin on the big screen. Wonder Woman's origin is a story that needs to told, before she is inserted into any type of superhero team-up movie.

3. Don't Introduce Wonder Woman In A Movie Titled After Two Male Superheroes - Wonder Woman finally makes her big screen debut, and they do it in a movie that is titled Batman Vs. Superman. That just seems so wrong. When Wonder Woman finally hits the big screen, she deserves to have her name up in the title.

2. Too Many Superheroes - Sure, The Avengers proved that a superhero team movie could be done and could be done well, but Marvel introduced their team in several successful solo movies. Warner Bros. needs to learn how to crawl before they walk. Warner Bros. made a wise call be deciding to try a two superhero movie first before tackling a Justice League movie.

1. Doesn't Need To Be Anybody's Girlfriend - If Warner Bros. were to introduce Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman, we have this sneaking suspicion that she might wind up as either Batman or Superman's girlfriend. If Wonder Woman wants to date Bats or Supes down the road that's fine, but in her first introduction, she should stand on her own and not be labeled someone's girlfriend.

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Hackers May Have Already Gotten Past the iPhone 5's Fingerprint Sensor


The iPhone 5S's Touch ID feature, which allows users to unlock the device with a fingerprint scanner, sounds cool - or annoying, depending on whom you ask - but is it any more secure than an old-fashioned passcode? Maybe, but some Berlin-based hackers are claiming to have already outsmarted the technology, just two days after it was made available to the public. A video posted to the website of the Chaos Computer Club seems to show someone registering their fingerprint with a new iPhone and then unlocking it with a piece of latex placed over that same finger.

In the accompanying announcement, the hackers explained that they took a high-resolution photo of a glass surface bearing the owner's fingerprint, cleaned up the image, and laser printed it onto a "transparent sheet with a thick toner setting. Finally, pink latex milk or white woodglue is smeared into the pattern created by the toner onto the transparent sheet. After it cures, the thin latex sheet is lifted from the sheet, [and] breathed on to make it a tiny bit moist," like a real, clammy finger.

According to the CCC, this method has been successfully used to foil "the vast majority of fingerprint sensors on the market." While Apple's sensor does read at a higher resolution than other sensors, that just means that the hackers had to "ramp up the resolution of our fake." Robert David Graham, whose website Is Touch ID Hacked Yet? is offering at least $20,000 in cash, bitcoin, and other prizes to whoever breaks into the 5S first, told Forbes's Andy Greenberg that he is "communicating with confirm that their trick works." But, according to Greenberg, the CCC "has a reputation as one of the oldest and most well-respected group of hackers and security researchers in the world," which means it's "likely a legitimate hack." If true, it is a little embarrassing for Apple, but we're pretty sure it won't affect 5S sales, if only because the thing is available in gold.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is looking for some space, just south of Union Square; Khloe Kardashian hints there's news to come

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Rumors that People managing editor Larry Hackett is dating a staffer are the hot story at the magazine.

People's well-liked managing editor, Larry Hackett, has created more gossip inside the magazine's office than he does in the magazine.

Staffers are buzzing that the glossy's honcho, who is also president of the American Society of Magazine Editors, has been secretly dating an underling at the magazine.

"Everyone is saying he's been seeing a very high senior member of staff and that they have been dating since he divorced his wife," one insider tells us. "The whispers are loud because no one knows anything about his personal life at all."

Hackett and his schoolteacher ex-wife finalized their divorce last year after 20 years of marriage and two kids.

Immediately after the split, Hackett was rumored to have been dating an actress, but that turned out to be just a rumor.

Another source in media tells us Hackett has moved from Brooklyn, where he lived with his kids, and "hooked up with a beautiful younger woman that works at the magazine."

The notoriously private editor, who reveals personal details about celebrities' lives in his magazine, does not list his ex-wife or children's names in his official People bio.

"New beginnings seem to be in the air for Larry," says our initial tipster. "His contract at People is up at the end of the year and it will not be renewed as the magazine's sales numbers continue to decline."

(You first read about People not renewing Hackett's contract in Confidenti@l in July.)

The print mag has struggled in the past year, most recently when it ran a bethenny Frankel cover that rival Us Weekly had turned down. That issue sold just over 600,000 copies - a stunningly low figure for the most respected magazine in its class. Just a few years ago, People moved over 2 million newsstand copies weekly.

Hackett landed the top spot at People in 2006 and oversees all editorial operations of the magazine. He previously served as deputy managing editor.

The affable editor, known to be friendly with his staff, also has a weekly gig on "Good Morning America" in which he talks celebrity gossip, and appears on " Jimmy Kimmel Live" to chat about Hollywood. He may be looking toward TV for his next gig, we hear.

Neither Hackett nor a rep for People returned a request for comment.


Leonardo DiCaprio was planning to go apartment-hunting Thursday afternoon at 12 E. 13th St., where a spy tells us he was set to check out a parking garage that's being renovated into high-end condos. The building just south of Union Square doesn't look like much from the outside, but the pending residential conversion might appeal to "The Wolf of Wall Street" star. "Maybe they're offering him raw space to do whatever he wants," a source says.

Developers DHA Capital LLC and Continental Properties snatched up the garage - which houses a Hertz rental car station - for $32 million, according to the real estate journal Globe Street. The new owners plan to gut the space and market it as a mix of full-floor homes and duplexes. That could wind up luring some big-time buyers. "It's hard to find huge lofts in the middle of the Village," says Adrienne Alpert, CEO of the Marketing Directors real estate firm. "Usually you have to go pretty far west or east to find anything like this. It'll be spectacular."



Khloe Kardashian's steel veneer may be starting to crack. Since tossing hubby Lamar Odom out of their L.A. manse due to his alleged crack addiction, Khloe has remained mum. But she posted an eerie picture of a girl in a mask to Instagram on Thursday, with a caption reading: "She smiles to mask the pain in her heart. She laughs to conceal the tears in her eyes." It may be a clue into the near future - we're hearing the couple's divorce is imminent.


The mayoral race isn't over yet, but Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir already has the perfect cast in mind if someone makes a movie about candidates Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota. " Christopher McDonald and Jason Alexander," Saffir told us at the New Yorkers for Children gala to benefit youth in foster care. Saffir also looks forward to Mayor Bloomberg attending more of his star-studded screenings after he leaves City Hall. "I hope so, because he's a good guest and he's smart and fun and people love him."


New York isn't such a big city for Hollywood indie darling Parker Posey. At a recent Hope North charity event, the Big Apple resident told us she rarely ventures north of 14th St. "I'm pretty much strictly downtown," she said. "The Union Square Market and then down." Staying downtown lets Posey reduce her carbon footprint - and so does the greenmarket. "We're so blessed to have that market. You know you can compost there? I store it in my freezer then bring it down." Posey was at the event to support a school in Uganda for orphans and former child soldiers.


Of all the actresses to feel self-conscious about looks, we don't want to hear it from the absolutely stunning Jessica Alba. In the new issue of Health magazine, where she looks gorgeous as always, she breaks down her insecurities. "I was a lot more critical of my body when it was probably pretty awesome," she says. "It's like, why did I not ever wear jean shorts? That's so crazy. I was so skinny! I didn't have any cellulite. ... what was I thinking?!"



You've got to hand it to Miley Cyrus - since the backlash over her totally naked "Wrecking Ball" video she at least had the decency to put on underwear on a newly leaked alternate album cover for "Bangerz." With a pixie cut slicked to the side and that underboob tattoo, the now-single Cyrus doesn't look like she's shying away from the spotlight after calling off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth earlier this week. If that's too much skin for you, yet another version of the record cover shows her merely pants-less.


When you look like Kate Upton, you can't go low-key. The supermodel tried to fly under the radar Tuesday at Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center, but was noticed by nearly every patron in the restaurant. "She was sitting with an unidentified male friend and was not with [boyfriend] Maksim Chmerkovskiy," a spy tells us. "She looked demure in a black sweater and matching leggings." The duo sipped on Sonoma Cutrer wine and Don Julio Silver tequila on the rocks with their meal.



LeBron James enjoying a romantic night out with new wife Savannah Brinson at Antica Pesa in Rome - the sister restaurant of the Williamsburg hotspot. ... Amanda Seyfried dressed down without makeup, with boyfriend Justin Long at Lure Fishbar in SoHo. ... Bill Wackermann, publisher of Condé Nast Traveler, giving away trips to Madrid and Milan, for the launch of the mag's "I Am a Traveler" ad campaign at Tertulia in Greenwich Village. ... Tim Gunn attending the American Folk Art Museum's gala kickoff at the long-anticipated Harlem supper club Minton's.


Known for her privacy, Charlize Theron spent most of the night in a lounge that resembled a "cage" at Hakkasan Beverly Hills. Our spywitness says the actress hid out in the restaurant's Ling Ling Lounge as Chris Ivery and wife Ellen Pompeo hosted a launch event for Vallure Vodka Wednesday. Also at the fete were Hillary Duff, Sanaa Lathan, Minka Kelly, Mandy Moore and Julianne Hough, and Samantha Ronson dejaying.

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Several years back, the city of Raleigh was avidly courting the International Bluegrass Music Association, trying to get the IBMA to move its annual festival here. After the organization's board scrutinized bids from competing cities, word got out that Raleigh was among the finalists.

That's when William Lewis got involved. As executive director of PineCone (Piedmont Council of Traditional Music), Lewis had been booking folk and bluegrass concerts in Raleigh for years, and this looked like a grand opportunity to take the music to the masses.

"We sort of, um, invited ourselves to the table," Lewis, 38, said with a laugh. "But we wanted IBMA to understand there was a supportive local organization with a long history of programming bluegrass. And it worked."

When the bluegrass association's search committee came to Raleigh to tour the city's facilities in March 2012, PineCone set the schedule and organized a reception with various luminaries from the local acoustic-music community. Two months later, the association announced Raleigh as its 2013 host city – and Lewis as the organization's newest board member.

IBMA's "World of Bluegrass" festival gets underway Tuesday, drawing hundreds of performers and thousands of attendees from all over the world. PineCone is one of the event's producers, booking the acts and putting on shows at venues including Red Hat Amphitheater. As host and local face of the event, Lewis will be scurrying around various downtown venues trying to keep everything running on time.

"We've all been very impressed with William, who has been a great addition to the team," said Nancy Cardwell, executive director of the bluegrass association. "I don't know if he realized just how much work would be involved. He's the man on the ground there, one of our go-to people."

Connecting through music

Depending on how you reckon it, Lewis' career as a folklorist began during college, or during his childhood. Lewis grew up in rural Georgia – "10 miles of dirt road every which way," he says – and playing music together was a large part of his family's do-it-yourself entertainment. But Lewis didn't fully grasp how music could define people and places until he was taking folklore classes from Professor Cece Conway at Appalachian State University.

"I went with her to a lot of house parties because she was always chasing down fiddlers and storytellers," Lewis said. "That was my introduction to Appalachian music, not on stages so much as in people's houses, and it helped me understand the significance of the cultural context I'd grown up with. People's connection to place through music fascinated me."

Lewis continued on with graduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill followed by work with the North Carolina Folklife Institute. Place-based cultural tourism became a specialty for Lewis while he worked on projects including the "Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina" guidebook.

"Working on things like that and seeing the impact in the communities made a real difference to me," Lewis said. "It was tourism highlighting cultural assets, music and dance traditions tourists could experience, which was a new, viable economic model – especially with the old furniture and textile industries moving overseas."

Lewis joined PineCone, a nonprofit "dedicated to preserving, presenting and promoting all forms of traditional music," as a program associate in 2004. Formed in 1984, the organization has around 900 dues-paying members and an annual budget of $427,000 that it uses to put on workshops, educational events and several dozen concerts per year by the likes of Kris Kristofferson and Ralph Stanley.

After PineCone executive director Susan Spurlin Newberry retired in 2008, the board chose Lewis as her successor. He has continued the organization's work with evangelical zeal, energetically preaching about the potential value of music as a brand for North Carolina.

"William is very knowledgeable and extremely adept at working with all sorts of different kinds of people," said Wayne Martin, executive director of the North Carolina Arts Council and one of PineCone's original co-founders. "He's a wonderful connector who wants to do good for the community, which his work with PineCone shows. I think the potential is there to make North Carolina internationally known for music, and William has been a leader there."

A live-music city?

Once the bluegrass association announced Raleigh as its convention city for the next three years, the real work began. Lewis and PineCone's staff and volunteers have been closely involved in the countless logistical issues involved in planning the big-name shows with Steve Martin at Red Hat Amphitheater; the "Bluegrass Ramble" showcases at Lincoln Theatre, Pour House and other downtown nightclubs; and the free street festival.

It's reaching a crescendo in these last few days running up to Tuesday's kickoff. One thing Lewis helped set up was bus transportation to and from a campground at the State Fairgrounds, where people can stay to make IBMA more of a traditional camping festival-type experience.

"Part of bluegrass culture is camping and RVs," Lewis said. "So we'll see how many people do that. And we'll be rolling out the red carpet to make sure IBMA here is a distinctive experience. They were in Nashville for years and you'd never have known it. Raleigh has gone in the total opposite direction. Whether you're here for IBMA or not, you'll know about it."

Lewis hasn't slept much for the past month, but he is one of the people committed to making the convention in Raleigh a success – in hopes that the bluegrass association will stay longer than its initial three-year commitment.

"There are still doubts out there, people saying that Raleigh's not a bluegrass town," Lewis said. "But it's a warm place open to music of all sorts, and there's a lot of local support. Bluegrass is a key piece of Raleigh's history and heritage. I hope the city can benefit, rebrand itself as a live-music city."

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One person is dead after reports of gunshots at an">Eden Prairie apartment, setting off more than four hours of negotiations between police and a possible barricaded suspect.

Dozens of officers and SWAT teams converged on the apartment after Eden Prairie Police were called there about 7 a.m. due to possible shots fired. But they were unable to reach the occupants inside, police spokeswoman Katie Bengtson said.

About 11 a.m., police confirmed one person was dead in the apartment on the 8600 block of Magnolia Trail, but Bengtson said they were still investigating a possible barricaded suspect.

Police haven't yet released details on the victim, suspect or whether other people are in the apartment, but are investigating the incident as a homicide, she said. Nearby residents have been evacuated as a precaution.

An Edina SWAT team and police from Minnetonka, Hopkins, St. Louis Park and Bloomington are all on the scene helping Eden Prairie Police.

"It's evolving as we speak," Bengtson said Saturday morning.

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There was no politically correct answer when Georgia outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins was asked if he was worried about the team's special teams play after Saturday's game.

"A little bit," the sophomore said.

North Texas scored touchdowns off a blocked punt and a 99-yard kickoff return for touchdown in its 45-21 loss to the Bulldogs.

The Georgia defense only had one touchdown scored against it by the Mean Green.

"Offense and defense played great," kicker Marshall Morgan said. "Special teams, things are going to happen. We tried to hold up our end."

Georgia already started addressing that by benching long-snapper Nathan Theus after a high snap on the blocked punt and replacing him with walk-on Trent Frix.

Oklahoma transfer Macus Trice blocked a Collin Barber punt and it was recovered in the end zone by Zac Whitfield. It was the first punt block for touchdown against Georgia since Central Florida in 1999.

"We've definitely got some things to clean up," coach Mark Richt said. "We'll work hard on those things and we'll be excited about being back here next week." That's when No. 6 LSU comes to town for a 3:30 p.m. CBS game.

Richt said "there's a pretty good chance Frix will continue to snap for punts and we'll decide what we need to do on extra points and field goal."

Theus, recruited on scholarship, had a high snap on a field goal try in the loss at Clemson and had a snap of his dropped by punter Barber against South Carolina. And then came the touchdown Saturday.

Tight end Arthur Lynch said the blocked punt was on him.

"That was my fault," he said. "I should have shifted the protection to the left."

Said Barber: "They just got there so fast that I just couldn't do anything about it."

Lynch said he maybe should have called time out, but Richt pointed to the high snap.

"Any time you snap a ball that high on a punt, you disrupt the timing," Richt said.

Brelan Chancellor returned the kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown.

Morgan said he had good hang-time on the kick.

"We kicked it left and the guy bounced out right," Morgan said. "I saw him, but the No. 1 returner in the nation with open space vs. a kicker. I mean, he's going to take it I guess."

Richt said that he wants to make sure that the right players are on kickoff coverage. Jenkins said starters on defense could be called on the unit next week.

"If that's what it takes to get the job done, I feel like we need to do it," he said.

Richt said Georgia has had probably 100 special teams, but that the bad plays stick out.

"We absolutely have to clean it up or we're not going to be able to go where we want to go and do what we want to do," he said.

It wasn't all bad.

Barber averaged 49.8 yards on five punts and had a career-long of 61.

"I'm happy about the average, but I feel like I could have punted a lot better," he said.

Morgan returned from a two-game suspension for a boating under the influence arrest to make 1 of 2 field goals-converting from 27 and wide right from 52--and all six extra points.

"It just feels great to be out there again," Marshall said.

Wooten shows trickery with pass completion

Rantavious Wooten's trick-play pass attempt worked out better Saturday than it did on G-Day.

Aaron Murray tossed back to Wooten behind the line of scrimmage and the receiver completed a 42-yard pass to tight end Arthur Lynch to start off a 75-yard scoring drive that ended with a 16-yard Lynch touchdown catch on a pass from Murray.

"We've been practicing it for a while," Lynch said. "It was the same play we had in the spring game when I dropped it. Same play, same call. Thank God we executed it. Woot made a good throw for the fact that it was in the rain and he doesn't throw the ball every time."

Wooten threw an incompletion on his only previous pass attempt against Buffalo last season.

Murray said the pass this time should have gone for a score.

"It should have been a touchdown," Murray said. "... I threw it a little low so he had to dig it, catch it and then get up and throw it. ...He played quarterback in high school so he can fling it around a little bit."

Weather doesn't affect offense

Georgia racked up 641 yards of total offense despite heavy rain falling in the second half.

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said he didn't think he could change anything as a play-caller even in the wet conditions.

"I kept asking if we were OK to throw the ball and we felt like we could throw it," Bobo said. "Obviously the first two passes of the second half were poor. I didn't know if that had to do a little bit mentally with the rain. We had to be able to throw the ball. They were committing guys in the box-the safeties or the corners - and we had to take advantage of that. It was good to see us come through and execute with the wet ball."

Richt, who had offseason hip replacement surgery, felt the conditions.

"It just got so sore," Richt said. "People say, 'Does the weather affect it?' I can honestly now say I think the weather affects it in an adverse way."

He was appreciative to those in the sold-out crowd for braving the weather.

"I want to thank our fans who weathered the storm, literally, and gave us the support that they did," Richt said.

Quick hits

Corey Moore got his first college start at safety. He lined up as a starting receiver against Ole Miss last year to block on the opening play. ... Tight end Jay Rome left the game with a left ankle injury, but Richt wasn't sure the extent of it. Cornerback Damian Swann appeared to be wincing and limping some as he headed up the hill out the Georgia locker room. ... Freshman offensive lineman Brandon Kublanow saw his first college action at left guard. Defensive lineman Chris Mayes and safety Shaquille Fluker made their Georgia debuts, as well. Both are junior college transfers. ... Former Georgia All-American Pat Dye was recognized before the game for his selection to the school's Ring of Honor. Georgia asked Pro Football Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton, a teammate of Dye's, to attend the game. It was the first time they were together on the Sanford Stadium field since a 1960 victory over Georgia Tech.

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Outsiders can add an eye-opening perspective to a place we think we know.

Consider how two young New Yorkers frame Flint and some of its residents in a photography project they hope will become a crowd-funded publication and tablet app.

Slate magazine's photo blog, Behold, posts 10 large examples of the "Welcome to Flint" images by former Rochester Institute of Technology classmates Brett Carlsen and Juan Madrid.

The pair started a $6,000 Kickstarter drive Thursday to publish their work as a color newsprint publication of 48-60 pages to be given away in Flint and sold elsewhere "for a low price." Twenty-five backers pledged $850 in the first two days of the month-long effort.

"Flint has made an amazing impact on us and we want to share that with anyone willing to look beyond the surface," Madrid writes at Kickstarter.

The friends see themselves as "giving people a window into the lives of others" and "taking journalism back from a news media that is overwrought with sensationalism and fear-mongering," he adds.

Through extended stays and explorations of Flint, we have been let into the lives of many different people who make the city what it is. Our interactions have given us each our own unique understanding of Flint and its history.

We want to give something back to the community while also creating a wider context for conversations concerning the issues Americans are facing today. . . . Focusing on the negatives is the easiest way out -- we are connecting with the city on a human level in all of its beauty and ugliness.

Carlsen, a Flint Journal photo intern last year, invited Madrid to visit and shoot. He quickly became intrigued, as Slate blogger Jordan G. Teicher describes:

On his first visit last August, Madrid met a former gang member who told him about how he turned his life around after getting out of prison. "Having that amount of openness on my first visit there really set me off, not just on the project, but gave me a renewed vigor for photography," Madrid said. . . .

The photographers shoot at the same time, but never together. Each of their bodies of work represents two different artistic approaches.

Carlsen, who studied photojournalism, looked to make connections and get access "behind closed doors," whether it was a church or a drug dealer's home. Madrid, who comes from a fine-art background, thrived on chance encounters. . . .

"I started realizing when I was at the paper that there was a lot more to the city than I felt we were covering," Carlsen said.

Carlsen set about photographing the city and meeting its residents, learning more about the its hardships since the collapse of the auto industry. "There's a lot of pride in the city. . . . It's a hard place to be from," he said.

The pair also were interviewed this month by Emanuele Berry for WKAR, an East Lansing public radio station.

Besides the newsprint publication, Madrid and Carlsen "are also working on an exhibition within the city and an app," they say on Kickstarter.

We want to democratize art and photography by removing it from the gallery setting and creating a community based showing that allows more people to understand and talk about photography but also starts conversations about the issues the photographs present and hopefully leads to action.

Carlsen has 10 images from the city on his website that aren't at Slate's blog.

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Michelle Obama's Tory Burch Sells Out: Running records would lead one to believe that whatever Michelle Obama wears turns to gold -- a golden sell-out for the designer, that is. FLOTUS wore an aqua blue tie-dye Tory Burch dress to an event in Watertown, Wisconsin last week, where she encouraged students to drink more water. Like her inauguration day J.Crew accessories, the dress is now sold out on both Tory Burch's site and on">Shopbop. [ The Huffington Post]

Target Announces its Latest Collaboration with British Designer Peter Pilotto: Just one day after the launch of Phillip Lim's collaboration for Target, the retailer is already on to the next! Today, Target announced a new designer collaboration with British visionary Peter Pilotto, expected to launch on February 9, 2014. The line will include about 70 pieces of women's apparel, accessories, and swimwear, all-priced under $60. Peter Pilotto, best known for his bold patterns, sexy cut-outs, and body-con sihouettes has a following of celebrities including Kerry Washington, Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Lawrence among many others. [USA Today]

Net-a-Porter Launches Social Media App: Online retailer Net-a-Porter has launched a mobile app to connect fashion-minded individuals, creating a network for users to share their favorite products from the high-end e-tailer. "The Netbook," which is now only compatible with iPhone and iPad devices, is available to download from the iTunes App store. But don't get too excited- access to the app is limited to invitation only. Net-a-Porter insiders including its editors, buyers, and public relations team will be handing out a small handful of invites to the industry's elite at London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks. [WWD]

Roberto Cavalli Releases Autobiography, Just Me!: Famed Italian designer Roberto Cavalli unveiled the latest addition of his life's oeuvre: an autobiography entitled After working on his memoir for four years, audiences are now able to get a closer look into Cavalli's life-from his challenging childhood to the birth of his fashion empire. "This book comes from my desire to tell, to share my life and the personal details of my great adventure with you," says the 72-year-old on his official blog. [The Telegraph]

Julianne Moore, Actress-Turned-Profilic Children's Book Author: While the latest news surrounding Julianne Moore is her upcoming role as President Alma Coin in the last two Hunger Games films, the Hollywood legend has also taken her talents to the pen once more. Moore's latest children's book, My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me, will be released next month. Inspired by her mother's Scottish heritage and her upbringing by an immigrant, the book is a celebration of diversity and pays tribute to all mothers. [Elle]

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Credit: Reuters/Bobby Yip

A Blackberry smartphone is displayed in this August 12, 2010 illustrative photo taken in Hong Kong.

The company, which has struggled to claw back market share from the likes of Apple Inc's iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's Galaxy phones, said it expects to report a net operating loss of between $950 million and $995 million in the quarter ended August 31, due to writedowns and other factors.

The results will put more pressure on BlackBerry to find a buyer for either some parts of the company, or for all of it. It said last month it is weighing its options, including an outright sale, in the face of persistently lackluster sales of its new smartphones, which run on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

"The company has sailed off a cliff," said BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis. "What do you expect when you announce you're up for sale? Who wants to commit to a platform that could possibly be shut down?"

BlackBerry's Toronto-listed shares fell as much as 23.7 percent to C$8.25 on Friday, their lowest this year, before closing down 16 percent at C$9.08. The company's Nasdaq-listed shares ended 17 percent lower at $8.73, after falling as low as $8.01.

The company said it plans to shave its operating costs by some 50 percent over the next nine months, as it aims to focus its attention on the enterprise market and become a more niche player. But some analysts are skeptical that the company can cut its way back to prosperity.

"We believe the most likely outcome is a break-up or sale in total or in parts," said UBS analyst Amitabh Passi.

A source at a potential suitor said the warning on Friday may speed up the sale process, but it also adds more risks.

"I think most will view it as pretty scary. It's a melting ice cube," said the source.

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, on Friday said the company's former head Mike Lazaridis has been talking with private-equity firms about possibly mounting a joint bid for the struggling smartphone maker.

Lazaridis, who owns a 5.7 percent stake in the company, has reached out to private equity firms that include the Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group, said the report.

Lazaridis was not immediately reachable for comment and BlackBerry declined to comment.


Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry, once Canada's premier technology company, said it expects to book a $930 million to $960 million writedown in its fiscal second quarter owing to a ballooning stockpile of unsold BlackBerry Z10 devices.

The company had bet much of its future on the popularity of the Z10 touchscreen device - the first of the smartphones to be powered by its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. While the device drew favorable reviews, it has failed to gain traction among consumers since its introduction earlier this year.

For the second quarter, the company expects to have sold about 3.7 million BlackBerry smartphones to end users. BlackBerry said it is changing the way it accounts for device sales, now booking revenue only after a device is sold to the end customer, and not to carriers.

Worryingly, most of the unit sales being recognized in the quarter are older-generation BlackBerry 7 devices. The company said it could not recognize BlackBerry 10 devices shipped in the quarter until those devices are sold through to end customers. That suggests carriers have been having difficulty moving the new line of devices.


BlackBerry said it expects its adjusted net loss, before giving effect to the inventory and restructuring provisions, will be in a range of about $250 million to $265 million, or a loss of 47 cents to 51 cents a share.

BlackBerry sees about $1.6 billion of revenue in the second quarter, of which roughly 50 percent is expected to be revenue from its services unit.

Analysts, on average, had forecast a loss of 15 cents a share on revenue of $3.06 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

"The revenue and device shipment numbers are pretty surprising given how weak it is," said UBS analyst Passi. "I think many of us were expecting a pretty difficult quarter, but this is much worse than we anticipated."

The company, which had warned that job cuts were in the offing, plans to shed 4,500 jobs. BlackBerry has already undergone a major round of job cuts over the last 12 months. It employed 12,700 people as of March, and once had close to 20,000 employees.

BlackBerry said its cash position as of the end of the fiscal second quarter is estimated to be about $2.6 billion, down from about $3.1 billion three months earlier.

"It makes it even more difficult for somebody to step in and buy the company. If you look at what's been happening, they've burnt through approximately half a billion dollars in cash in the last three months," said Veritas Investment Research analyst Neeraj Monga.

(Reporting by Euan Rocha; Additional reporting by Alastair Sharp, Nadia Damouni, Julie Gordon, Allison Martell, Sinead Carew, Solarina Ho and Malathi Nayak; Editing by Jeffrey Hodgson, Peter Galloway and Eric Beech)

Source: Reuters

SplashNews/FameFlynet/Getty Images

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards are upon us, and the fashion should be better than ever! In honor of the glam show we're taking a look back and highlighting some of our favorite looks that ever graced the Emmy Awards red carpet. From Jennifer Aniston to Helen Hunt, check them out and VOTE on your favorite.

The Emmy Awards, (which air on Sept. 22), are a favorite in the fashion world because it brings together TV's favorite stars- and these ladies want to dress to impress for their big moment. You can find tons of different looks and styles at this award show - and that certainly proved to be true over the course of time! From trends we can't believe were popular to timeless gowns we can't get enough of, these 15 looks topped our list for a variety of reasons.

Jennifer Aniston's Emmys Dress 2000:

Before there was a Brangelina, it was all about Brad and Jen. Jennifer Aniston was accompanied by Brad on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in 2000, and that was when Jennifer made headlines for her sleek, red-hot Prada dress. While the strapless dress was simple it really showed off Jen's curves and rocking body - and we can't help but notice the small bag tucked under her arm. It's such a tribute to the trends of the times! While Brad definitely was a great accessory on the star's arm, we still can't keep our eyes off this dress! Aside from her arm candy, she showed off a diamond necklace and diamond bracelet while her hair played on the rest of the aesthetic and was loosely pulled back into ponytail. With Brad on her arm, a few pieces of hair to frame her gorgeous face, and a knockout dress, Jen could do no wrong! Luckily, the same still proves to be true whenever this stylish star steps out on the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Emmys Dress 2003:

You can't talk about fashion and not mention Sarah Jessica Parker - HELLO, Carrie Bradshaw! The Sex and the City star looked perfect in pink wearing a Chanel gown at the 2003 Emmy Awards. She wowed the crowd in this subtle pink, cotton candy dress. SJP took a chance and opted for a little color on the red carpet. The actress looked flawless in this girly frock that really showed off her personality - and her stellar style sense as a true fashionista. With a pair of strappy silver sandals and some fun bracelets and rings, let's just say her alter-ego Carrie would be proud! The ever smiling SJP finished her look with a slicked back bun and kept her neck and ears free from accessories to really show off that AH-MAZING dress. Let's be honest, when does fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker not look g ood? After all, her iconic character IS fashion!

While these looks were so memorable there were also so many more moments in the history of the Emmys that really stood out. Check out some of our favorite Emmys dresses of all time & VOTE for which look you really loved right here!

- Gabrielle Bernardini

More Emmy Award News:

  1. Who Will Be Best Dressed At Emmys? Sofia Vergara V. Nicole Kidman & More
  2. Nina Dobrev Looks Incredible On The Emmys Red Carpet!
  3. Christian Siriano: How He Designed Heidi Klum & Sarah Hyland's Emmys Dresses, All While Planning A Fashion Show!

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A week after related-adds-wizards-628384">casting a key role on Fox's Gang Related, the midseason drama has recast the part.

Miami Vice alum Saundra Santiago has replaced Wizards of Waverly Place's Maria Canals-Barrera on the Ramon Rodriguez-starrer, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

PHOTOS: Faces of Fall TV 2013

The drama revolves around Ryan ( Charlie's Angels' Rodriguez), a gang member sent in to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department and rise through its ranks. He must balance obligations to his crime family with an increasing sense of loyalty to his new "family" -- the SFPD's Gang Task Force.

Santiago will recur as Marciela, Javier's ( Cliff Curtis) wife and mother to Carlos ( Reynaldo Gallegos) and Dante ( Jay Hernandez). Though they're not related by blood, she considers Ryan to be a third son.

In addition to Miami Vice, where she played Detective Gina Calabrese for more than 100 episodes, Santiago's credits include Guiding Light, The Sopranos, Damages and One Life to Live. She's repped by DBA.

An exact premiere date for Gang Related has yet to be announced.

Source: Hollywoodreporter

Less than twenty -four hours after">Minecraft snapshot 13w38a and Minecraft 1.6.4 became available for download, Mojang has returned with yet another preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, releasing Minecraft snapshot 13w38b to the masses on Friday.

Much like Minecraft snapshot 13w38a, Minecraft snapshot 13w38b doesn't introduce any new gameplay elements to Mojang's sandbox title; however, the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update does include roughly a dozen new fixes which weren't ready for deployment in Minecraft snapshot 13w38a on Thursday.

Most noticeably, the Minecraft dev team fixed a bug which had broken the block breaking animation, one of the most common animations to be seen in the game, and some unidentified game crashes which undoubtedly created a few headaches for those who couldn't seem to get any sort of stability out of Minecraft snapshot 13w38a. They also eliminated a bug which caused some players' maps to disappear whenever they left a world, and the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update also took care of an issue which caused scoreboards not to appear in the sidebar anymore.

Thankfully, though there's still no word on exactly when we can expect the Minecraft 1.7 Update to hit Mojang's servers, Minecraft programmer Jens Bergensten maintains a thread on reddit which offers some hints as to what the team is planning for the next Minecraft snapshot. If the patch notes from Minecraft snapshot 13w38b don't have you jumping for joy, head over to reddit and see if some of the other planned additions to Minecraft 1.7 Update are more your style.

Here's the full Minecraft snapshot 13w38b change log:

    Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed the block breaking animation
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Fixed the item frame map updating issue
    • Fixed a NullPointerException when clicking in video settings screen
    • Fixed the main menu not displayiny correctly
    • Fixed enchanted items displaying enchant glow in shader mode
    • Fixed the player showing up multiple times on adjacent maps in item frames
    • Fixed player icons on maps in item frames
    • Fixed map disappearing when leaving world
    • Fixed the scoreboard not displaying in the sidebar anymore
    • Fixed the chatbar background not showing when typing

Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for more on Minecraft as we continue to follow development of the Minecraft 1.7 Update and each week's Minecraft snapshot(s).

Were you having issues with any of the bugs that were patched in Minecraft snapshot 13w38b? Hoping to see some new gameplay elements introduced in the next Minecraft 1.7 snapshot(s)? Have an idea for a block or gameplay feature that you'd like to see added to the game in the Minecraft 1.7 Update? Let us know in the comments section!

More Minecraft News:

Minecraft 1.6.4, Snapshot 13w38a Deliver New Settings And Lots Of Code Rewrites

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13 Submitted To Xbox Live Certification Team, Release Date Coming Soon

Minecraft 1.7 Update: Snapshot 13w37a Removes Command Block Character Limit, Overhauls Nether Portals And Loads More

© 2012 iDigitalTimes All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- AK Steel issued its revised third-quarter guidance after the bell yesterday, prompting a drop in share price this morning.

Shares of AK Steel stock are down 5.97% as of 11:45 a.m. EST. Thus far, 6.46 million shares changed hands, surpassing its average daily volume of 5.78 million. Overall, AK Steel is lagging the S&P 500 which is down 0.29%.

According to the steel manufacturer, it expects to lose 22 to 27 cents per share in the third quarter 2013, 9 cents of which is attributed to an unexpected Middletown, Ohio furnace outage earlier in the quarter. The outage was also responsible for an estimated 5 to 6% reduction in shipments for the quarter compared with the year-ago quarter.

AK Steel is scheduled to report third-quarter results on Oct. 22, 2013.

TheStreet Ratings team rates AK Steel as a Sell with a ratings score of D. TheStreet Ratings Team has this to say about their recommendation:

"We rate AK Steel a SELL. This is driven by a few notable weaknesses, which we believe should have a greater impact than any strengths, and could make it more difficult for investors to achieve positive results compared to most of the stocks we cover. The company's weaknesses can be seen in multiple areas, such as its poor profit margins and generally disappointing historical performance in the stock itself."

Highlights from the analysis by TheStreet Ratings Team goes as follows:

  • The gross profit margin for AK Steel is currently extremely low, coming in at 8.4%. It has decreased from the same quarter the previous year. Along with this, the net profit margin of -2.87% is significantly below that of the industry average.
  • AK Steel's stock share price has done very poorly compared to where it was a year ago: Despite any rallies, the net result is that it is down by 32.37%, which is also worse that the performance of the S&P 500 Index. Investors have so far failed to pay much attention to the earnings improvements the company has managed to achieve over the last quarter. Naturally, the overall market trend is bound to be a significant factor. However, in one sense, the stock's sharp decline last year is a positive for future investors, making it cheaper (in proportion to its earnings over the past year) than most other stocks in its industry. But due to other concerns, we feel the stock is still not a good buy right now.
  • AK Steel, with its decline in revenue, underperformed when compared the industry average of 5.2%. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues slightly dropped by 8.7%. The declining revenue has not hurt the company's bottom line, with increasing earnings per share.
  • AK Steel reported significant earnings per share improvement in the most recent quarter compared to the same quarter a year ago. This company has reported somewhat volatile earnings recently. But, we feel it is poised for EPS growth in the coming year. During the past fiscal year, AK Steel reported poor results of -$9.10 versus -$1.41 in the prior year. This year, the market expects an improvement in earnings (-47 cents versus -$9.10).
  • The net income growth from the same quarter one year ago has significantly exceeded that of the S&P 500 and the Metals & Mining industry. The net income increased by 94.4% when compared to the same quarter one year prior, rising from -$724.20 million to -$40.4 million.
Written by Keris Alison Lahiff.

Source: Thestreet

If he shows up as scheduled, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will set an uncomfortable precedent when he speaks before the U.N. General Assembly.

He would first head of state to address the annual U.N. gathering of world leaders while facing international war crimes and genocide charges.

Al-Bashir is facing two International Criminal Court indictments for crimes linked to the conflict in the western Darfur region of Sudan, where an estimated 300,000 people have died since 2003. He has applied for a U.S. visa to come to General Assembly, and is currently scheduled to speak next Thursday afternoon.

The U.S. government has made it clear it does not want al-Bashir to show up in New York.

"Such a trip would be deplorable, cynical and hugely inappropriate," said Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

But under a U.S. treaty with the United Nations dating to 1947, Washington is obligated to issue the visa as the world body's host country. The United States has never banned a here visiting head of state who wants to speak to the United Nations.

State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf sidestepped a question about whether al-Bashir could be arrested if he comes to the U.S.

"There are a variety of considerations in play with respect to President Bashir's visa request, including the outstanding warrant for his arrest," Harf said Friday. "But we're not going to sort through these considerations publicly. We're going to continue to do so privately and deliberately."

Sudan's Foreign Ministry has said the United States is "not qualified ... to offer sermons and advice" on international law and human rights and called on Washington to swiftly grant al-Bashir's visa.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the United States in reiterating that al-Bashir is wanted for genocide and war crimes and should cooperate with the International Criminal Court.

Elise Keppler, a Sudan expert with Human Rights Watch, said Friday al-Bashir would be met in New York with angry protests from demonstrators, and could be putting himself in legal jeopardy.

"They key here is that this is an unprecedented situation," she said. "There hasn't been clear legal ruling on this set of circumstances."

The United States has declined to sign onto the Rome Statute treaty establishing the International Criminal Court, fearing that U.S. citizens -- particularly members of the military involved in global conflicts -- could be indicted by other countries for war crimes.

But "other commitments that the U.S. has signed for justice for these kinds of crimes are important," Keppler said.

"You also have the Genocide Convention that talks about the need to punish those who commit genocide," she said. The United States has ratified that treaty, with the restriction that it will not allow the trial of U.S. citizens for genocide without its consent.

If al-Bashir arrives in New York, Keppler said various civil rights and human rights groups could seek to charge him with torture or genocide under U.S. domestic law. Human Rights lawyers have over the past 20 years uses the Alien Tort Act to file civil suits by Americans or foreigners against foreign nationals who come to the United States after committing human rights abuses abroad.

Al-Bashir's motives for coming to the General Assembly, where he will be shunned by most other world leaders, are unclear. But he has tested the limits of travel under the ICC indictment before, attending an African Union summit in Nigeria in July. He swiftly returned home after protests against his visit broke out and lawsuits were filed.

Source: Go

Matt Moulson spoke on Friday about playing in Barclays Center for the first time, with Saturday's preseason game against the Devils on tap.

The big question for Moulson, unlike most of his core Islanders teammates: Will he be in Brooklyn when the Islanders move there permanently?

Moulson enters this season tied for 22nd on the Isles' career goals list with 112. He's also entering the final season of a three-year, $9.4 million deal, one of the very few Isles long-timers who isn't locked up for years to come.

Even though he's tied with linemate John Tavares for the most goals among current Islanders, the 29-year-old Moulson isn't that far removed from his days as a young player on a series of one-year, two-way deals, so this is not here new territory for him.

"It's not going to affect the way I play," Moulson said. "I'm going to play the same way, try to get better. Every single year, you want to have a career year for yourself, no matter what year of your contract that you're in. I'm just going to do what I can to help this team win and hopefully things will work themselves out."

Moulson has thrived as Tavares' near-permanent wing man since 2009-10, producing 214 points, among the 40 top NHL scorers over that span. Some might view him as a player who needs a star like Tavares to get him going, but there would be no shortage of teams wanting to sign a three-time 30-goal scorer should he hit the open market on July 1.

There have been no talks yet between Newport Sports, Moulson's agency, and Isles GM Garth Snow; that may change as the season goes on, but negotiations could wait until the season is over.

After coming into the league as a ninth-round pick of the Penguins and yo-yoing in and out of the Kings lineup, Moulson is taking this big year in stride. He's also looking forward to Saturday in Brooklyn and the rest of the year in Uniondale.

"As loud as this place can be, how much fun it is to play here, all the history, it's a special place," Moulson said of Nassau Coliseum. "On the opposite end of the spectrum, it will be nice to play in a state of the art facility. Knowing it's right there in Brooklyn, not too far away, is great, too. We owe it to our fans here on Long Island to finish up our time here with some big moments."

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I don't know about you, but I've been pretty disappointed with the final season of Dexter. I feel like the long-running thriller missed a golden opportunity to really delve into Dexter's psyche and tie together loose ends. Instead, it has introduced a mishmash of characters and complicated storylines.

That said, I did enjoy this video from the Walsh here Brothers, who have a web series on See them introduce the concept of "Dextering" (i.e. wrapping things in plastic):

Previous episodes of the Walsh Brothers' Great and Secret Comedy Show are pretty funny, like this one about "professional hiders." Comedy Central's CC: Studios has several series worth checking out; when you get a chance, I suggest you peek at the very funny This Is Not Happening.

Dexter's series finale airs Sunday.

New York now safer than Chicago? | USA NOW video

Source: Usatoday

You and your beloved pet may share a lot in common: enjoying long walks in the park, snuggling up on the couch, or even taking a dip in the pool. But when it comes to an afternoon of pampering at the nail salon, our pets don't always find it as relaxing as their human friends. Nevertheless, even if your pets find it unpleasant and stressful, clipping nails is a crucial grooming technique for their overall health here and well-being.

Leaving your pet's nails untrimmed can lead to pain and discomfort from many different sources.

Nails that are too long can get hung on fabric, blankets, or towels and get torn off, which is not only painful, but tends to cause a great deal of bleeding, said Dr. Stacy Eckman, lecturer at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM).

Nails that are too long can also grow around and into the footpads, causing pain and infection.

Popular to contrary belief, dogs aren't the only pets that require a routine clipping. Our feline friends need some nail pampering on a regular basis as well.

"Outdoor cats who climb trees keep their own nails short, but with the majority of our cats living indoors, they too need nail trims," Eckman said.

Cats will naturally sharpen their claws if given something to do this on - such as a scratching post or wood - but they may need additional trimming, especially on the back claws.

Trimming your pet's nails can be done as often as necessary. For dogs, trimming their nails whenever you bathe them can be convenient for both of you. Since most people do not typically bathe their cats, a thorough trim every two to four weeks is plenty.

There are several brands, types and sizes of clippers to choose from, including scissors, pliers, guillotine, and nail grinders.

"Some work better on cats than others, and some are better for larger dogs with thicker nails," said Eckman. "Others claim to 'find the quick' so you don't cause the nail to bleed, but I don't think these work very well."

Letting your pet become acclimated to nail clipping at an early age can also help the process go more smoothly. Once they become comfortable with you holding their paws as kittens or puppies, gradually start clipping one or two nails a day, and follow up with lots of positive rewards for their cooperation. Giving them their favorite treats or even a long tummy scratch should do the trick.

Even with the most painless technique and gradual of introductions, there are pets that seem unable to get over their terror of nail clipping. If your cat or dog falls under this category, it may be helpful to seek help from an assistant to hold down and calm them while you do the deed. If that backfires and your pet is still too stressed, then talk to your veterinarian about strategies to help make nail trims less stressful, Eckman said.

Pet Talk is a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University.

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JBL ha presentato una nuova gamma di cuffie, appartenenti alla serie Synchros. A comporre questa serie sono tre modelli di alto livello, le S700, le S500 e le S300. S700 e S500 condividono molte delle caratteristiche, prima tra tutte la tipologia di cuffia, che è over-ear, o circumaurale, termine che identifica i modelli dotati di padiglioni auricolari che abbracciano l'orecchio. Il telaio delle S700 è realizzato in alluminio pressofuso, con cuscinetti in pelle morbida per i padiglioni auricolari. I suoni vengono riprodotti utilizzando trasduttori da 50 mm, abbinati alla tecnologia proprietaria JBL PureBass, utilizzabile s ia in modalità passiva, sia in quella attiva. Cosa significa modalità attiva? E' presto detto: le S700 integrano una batteria ricaricabile, capace di garantire 28 ore here di funzionamento. La modalità attiva sfrutta proprio l'energia fornita dalla batteria, per offrire una riproduzione ottimale del suono. Il cavo che esce dalle cuffie può essere sostituito, ed integra un telecomando a tre pulsanti per i dispositivi iOS, oltre ad una versione universale per gli altri prodotti.

Le S500 si differenziano per l'assenza della batteria integrata, sostituita da due pile AAA, con un'autonomia inferiore, attestata sulle 20 ore. S700 e S500 sono disponibili in nero e bianco, al prezzo, rispettivamente, di 349 Dollari e 299 Dollari.

Le S300 cambiano invece tipologia: sono infatti cuffie on-ear, ovvero sovraurali, quelle che poggiano sulle orecchie, ma senza abbracciarle. Utilizzano trasduttori da 40 mm e dispongono di tecnologia PureBass, ma solo in modalità passiva. non cambiano invece i materiali, come anche il cavo intercambiabile con telecomando per iOS ed altri dispositivi. Il costo è di 199 Dollari.

Scopri i prezzi più convenienti
HTC Sensation XE - nero

Source: Hdblog

Among people with a latex allergy, exposure to the material can lead to a serious -- potentially deadly -- reaction.

The American Latex here Allergy Association suggests you take these precautions if you have a latex allergy:

  • Wear medic alert identification.
  • Always carry with you any prescribed allergy medications, non-latex gloves and a letter of explanation from your allergist.
  • Make sure your health-care providers, family, friends and co-workers know about your allergy.
  • Avoid items typically made with latex, such as balloons, condoms and rubber gloves.
  • Talk to your allergist about how to avoid hidden sources of latex, such as foods prepared by people wearing latex gloves.

Copyright © 2013 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Source: Newsday

Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce a limited edition screen print of the original 1976 Brian De Palma horror classic . Having been the first of Stephen King's novels to be adapted for the screen, Carrie was both a critical and box office success. It holds up today as one of the greatest genre films about the potential horror here of psychic ability.

This print is Odd City's first release of work by our very own Jessica Deahl, who serves as our Chief Creative Director.

" When Odd City asked me to take on Carrie, I couldn't have been more excited. Now an iconic horror film more than thirty years old, the themes of fear, isolation, and estrangement are still relatable. I wanted to portray the story of Carrie White as a triumph. She overcomes the horrific and inhumane treatment of her peers and unjust religious control of her mother to win back her life. She was a prisoner in her own home, and her rage destroys it. "

Jessica Deahl's Carrie print will be a signed limited release of 150, printed with 6 inks on French Butcher Off White paper. You can purchase it right here, right NOW!

Source: Bloody-disgusting

NYSE Liffe is seeking feedback from warehouse owners on a proposal to set minimum delivery rates for the first time for cocoa tied to its futures contracts, according to here three people with direct knowledge.

NYSE Liffe is proposing a minimum delivery rate of 250 metric tons of cocoa a day for warehouses storing as much as 30,000 tons, the people said, citing a letter sent by the exchange in the past several weeks. Depots holding more than 30,000 tons would have to delivery 500 tons, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the information isn't public.

The exchange said in June last year it would introduce minimum delivery rates "in due course" after they started the same minimum load-out rules for robusta coffee. Ada Anunoby, a spokeswoman for Liffe, declined to comment on the cocoa plan.

The European Warehousekeepers Federation was contacted by NYSE Liffe about load-out rates on cocoa, Enrico Antony, chairman of the Amsterdam-based group, said yesterday.

Withdrawals of cocoa are mostly limited to no more than 200 tons a day per warehouse, three people with knowledge of the deliveries said in July, referring to depots in the Belgian city of Antwerp. A buyer taking 75,000 tons, the maximum allowed by Liffe for any of its contracts, might wait about 18 months if the beans are in the same depot.

To contact the reporter on this story: Isis Almeida in London at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Claudia Carpenter at

Source: Bloomberg
Toshiba 50L2300U 50" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

Masayasu Ito, Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice president, has admitted that for every PS4 console sold, Sony will be losing money. In other words, the cost of manufacturing and shipping the console costs more than the retail price. However, the loss is not going to be that great, and the company believes it will easily make the money back from the sales of games and PlayStation Plus subscriptions alongside the hardware.

Sony isn't saying how much of a loss it will incur per console, but the loss will apparently easily be recouped after, or even during that initial hardware sale. That isn't just because a PS Plus subscription is more important for this generation, but Ito suggested here developing games for the system will cost less, too. So while games retain their $60 price point, they should cost less than PS3 games did to create, meaning higher profits per title.

If you factor in the expected three console bundles at launch, many more gamers signing up for a PS Plus annual subscription, and at least one title being sold alongside each console, you can see how Sony may break even on each initial PS4 sale. That's a far better situation than when the PS3 launched.

For both Xbox One and PS4 there's also more potential for greater profits from digital sales. Purchasing games directly on a console is now much more commonplace, and both machines will have access to other content purchases such as movie and TV series rentals and license purchases. It seems likely Sony and Microsoft will push digital sales harder this generation, as a $60 digital game purchase is much more profitable than the same-priced physical version.

You could also argue that by being priced higher the Xbox One is enticing PS4 owners to buy more games. The thinking will be "I can get a PS4 with two games for the price of an Xbox One" and Sony will be sure to focus in on that fact in marketing this year.

Now read: Sony requires PS3 disc be inserted to play PS4 digital upgrade games

Source: Geek
Courtney Stodden made a boob of herself as she headed home with her Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lauren Harries (Picture: Splash)

Courtney Stodden left little to the imagination as she piled into a cab after a London night out with her new sidekick Lauren Harries.

The married 19 year old's bandeau mini dress struggled to her left nipple as the Celebrity Big Brother pals posed for photographers following their wild night out at celeb hotspot Whisky Mist.

Both reality stars looked a little worse for wear with Courtney, who appeared to have undergone a major fake tan disaster prior to their evening out, draping herself over a mystery man as she stumbled to the waiting car.

The married here 19 year old gets a bit of assistance from a mystery man (Picture: Splash)

The US teen bride also flashed a nasty-looking bruise on her left thigh as she headed home.

Unusually, her 53-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison was nowhere in sight.

Courtney's mini dress revealed a nasty bruise on her leg (Picture: FilmMagic)

Earlier this week, Lauren, 35, revealed that and Courtney had agreed to star in a new reality show together, which will be filmed in LA.

'Oh yes, we are doing a programme together for Channel 5, I don't know if anybody knows this yet,' Harries revealed post eviction.

Courtney was propped up by Lauren and her mystery man as they left Whiskey Mist (Picture:

'I have been in contact with Doug and it is all systems go. It is a reality show with me and Courtney and it is about us being together in LA.

'She is going to show me LA and her house, I'm going to stay there and it is going to be filmed,' she explained.

Source: Metro

New Active Lifestyle Headphones Inspired by Tim Tebow and Usain Bolt offer Power Clarity and Comfort

September 19, 2013 --

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --SOUL Electronics is fueling the competitor in all of us to get in the zone with the new Combat series the first-ever true over-ear and on-ear headphone line built for athletic performance. The Combat series is designed to deliver premium-performance comfort and audio that fans of SOUL Electronics expect and includes the Combat+ Over-Ear Headphones, Transform On-Ear Headphones and Flex Sport Earphones offering a solution for every active lifestyle. With seven out of ten consumers using headphones for athletic activities and 67% of these consumers seeking on-ear and 59% seeking over-ear headphones[1] the Combat series also fills a long-standing void in the marketplace.

The new Combat series was inspired and rigorously tested by SOUL ambassadors Tim Tebow and Usain Bolt ESPY award winning athletes who both topped Forbes 2013 list of Most Influential Athletes in America. See Tebow and Bolt put Soul's new Combat+ headphones to the test during their intense training sessions here.

Inspired and tested by top professional athletes, the Combat Series' performance features and styling are designed specifically for active people. From the wide breathable headband for secure fit, the Comply body heat activated memory foam for comfort and better seal from external noise distraction, sweat-resistant sound drivers, and bacterial resistant surfaces, each element was inspired directly from features that Tim Tebow and Usain Bolt need to sustain the intensity of their sports training and active lifestyles. The Combat Series line makes the headphones perfect for most outdoor activities, whether you are practicing for here the big game or Olympic event or if you are hiking, running, biking or simply walking the dog.

"Working with Tebow and Bolt gave us insight into the power music has to inspire and drive athletes to perform their best," said Lan Kennedy-Davis, CEO SOUL Electronics USA. "The Combat Series incorporates the latest in active performance technology and design, delivering a range of products for athletes and weekend warriors alike."

"Being able to listen to music while I'm training helps me focus and workout harder, longer. The SOUL Combat Series is built to make it through tough workouts while still sounding, feeling and looking awesome," said Tim Tebow, SOUL ambassador.

"Music has always been an important part of my training routine. Before I had Soul's Combat+ headphones to use, I couldn't find headphones that could keep up with me and offer the comfort and sound to keep me going through tough workouts," said Usain Bolt, Olympic gold medalist and SOUL ambassador.

Combat Series Product Details:

Combat+ Over-Ear Headphones

  • Comply body heat activated, breathable memory foam ear pads provide perfect fit and comfort
  • An additional pair of breathable, washable mesh ear pads
  • Breathable wide grip headband provides secure fit during exercise
  • Interchangeable ear pads for easy cleaning
  • Noise cancelling for improved concentration
  • Sweat-resistant sound drivers
  • Bacterial resistant materials
  • Compression fit
Transform On-Ear Headphones

  • Sporty, lightweight and comfortable on-ear design
  • Wide breathable rubberized headband for optimized comfort and fit
  • Breathable, washable mesh ear pads
Flex Sport Earphones

  • Water/sweat proof earphones adhere to IPX5 waterproof standards
  • Bacterial resistant ear hook surface
  • Proprietary form fitting ear hooks for a perfect fit every time

The Combat Series line of headphones will be available for purchase on and online worldwide this fall.

Join the #SOULNATION movement online and visit SOUL's newly relaunched website SoulElectronics.comto learn more about the Combat series and SOUL's premiere audio offerings.

About SOUL Electronics
SOUL Electronics is a global leader in audio consumer electronics, including top selling headphones and speakers,designed for active lifestyles. With a rich history in delivering innovative technology concepts SOUL's team of renowned sound engineers and audio industry experts create the ultimate listening experience inspired and tested by brand ambassadors Tim Tebow, Usain Bolt, Ludacris and PSY to meetthe brand's core elements of "Power. Clarity. Comfort." For more information please visit

[1] NPD Group / Headphones: Ownership and Application Study, 2012 Update

Video with caption: "Usain Bolt and Tim Tebow put the new Combat+ Over-Ear Headphones from SOUL Electronics to the test in their intense training sessions." Video available at:

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One of the more intriguing moments in Amanda Ripley's fine book is the introduction of a Minnesota teenager named Eric to the South Korean public school system. That country had here some of the highest average test scores in the world. Eric assumed that every high school class would be flying high, all eyes on the teacher, no nonsense. Instead, during his first day in sociology class, attention was minimal. About a third of the students were asleep.

They were recovering from their evening tutoring academies called "hagwons." South Korea's glittering international reputation for academics began to look to Eric more corrosive than inspiring.

"The kids had acted like they lived in the classroom because they essentially did," Ripley writes. "They spent more than twelve hours there every weekday - and they already went to school almost two months longer than kids back in Minnesota. His classmates slept in their classes for one primal reason: because they were exhausted."

Ripley is a talented writer who has done wide-ranging pieces on education and other topics for Time and the Atlantic. "The Smartest Kids in the World" may not please everyone in the education-geek world I inhabit, full of people who have been arguing for decades about class size and test validity, but it has the most illuminating reporting I have ever seen on the differences between schools in America and abroad.

There have been several books on education overseas. Works like "Surpassing Shanghai," a collection of scholarly essays edited by Marc S. Tucker, provide all the wonky data and arguments about what lessons we might learn from Asia and Europe. But such writing can be dull. Ripley brings the topic to life by leading us into classrooms full of surprises in Finland, Poland and South Korea, all of which have high PISA test scores and give their teachers rigorous training. She follows three American students who for various reasons got a year abroad that included time in high schools.

The book starts hopefully. Ripley introduces German statistician Andreas Schleicher. He is the creator of the Program for International Student Assessment, an international exam often cited by American politicians wanting to remind us how backward our kids are. The PISA test presents itself as a way to measure the teaching of creativity and critical thinking.

Ripley visits her exchange students, Eric in Busan, Korea; Kim in Pietarsaari, Finland; and Tom in Wroclaw, Poland. (She spends a lot of space on each kid's experiences and impressions, but these do not differ much from the often-reported experiences of U.S. foreign exchange students over the past 50 years: They found foreign schools much tougher than American ones and the students more likely to take school seriously than the average American kid.) She interviews leading education officials and experts in those countries to find out how their PISA scores got so good.

The most consistent U.S. failing Ripley discovers is our way of selecting and training teachers. If we erected barriers to education careers as high as those for lawyering, we would be better off. One of the Finnish teachers in the book "had to first get accepted into one of only eight prestigious teacher-training universities," Ripley reports. "She had high test scores and good grades, but she knew the odds were still against her. She'd wanted to teach Finnish, so she'd applied to the Finnish department at the University of Jyvaskyla. In addition to sending them her graduation-exam scores, she'd had to read four books selected by the university, then sit for a special Finnish literature exam. Then she'd waited: Only 20 percent of applicants were accepted."

Source: Washingtonpost

There is something special about a defense that returns 10 of its 11 starters.

Call it steady, consistent, or even reliable (gasp!). You know what you're getting here in terms of talent, smarts, and headaches, all in one batch. That's the 2013 Patriots defense after adding only defensive tackle Tommy Kelly to its core group.

And similarly, the team's performance has not changed dramatically over the past three years, ranking 25th or worse in total defense and 29th or worse in passing defense. But over the past year, the defense has gone from a leaky cauldron of everything-in-the-pot stew, to a cream of mushroom soup, with much of its success being traced to a more consistent secondary, and in particular cornerback Aqib Talib.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) - The changes to Apple's iOS software became apparent as I drove to the headquarters of the company's rival, Google. As I navigated using Apple's mapping app, I noticed one of here my favorite attributes was missing: the directions for each next turn presented in green boxes that resemble highway signs.

Many of the changes in Apple's operating system for mobile devices are cosmetic. Gone are three-dimensional icons that mimic real-world counterparts, such as a magazine rack for the Newsstand app. They are replaced by larger, two-dimensional icons sporting abstract designs and pastel colors. Apple also extended that new look to many of its apps. In Maps, the green boxes are replaced with solid white across the top.

It didn't take long to realize that deeper down, the new iOS 7 software is the same as the one I've come to know.

The new software does have several functional improvements, but those could take time to stumble upon. The good news is that even if you never discover them, you can still use your device the way you did before. Apple Inc. started making the free update available Wednesday.

I'm covering the features specific to Apple's new iPhone 5S and 5C in a separate review. This one is about whether it makes sense to upgrade to iOS 7 on your existing iPhone or iPad.

The biggest functional change is the use of swipes instead of taps to access key functions. You can already swipe up from the bottom right side of the screen to quickly access the camera when your phone is in the lock screen. With iOS 7, you can also swipe up for the Control Center, which contains frequently used settings and apps. That's available whether or not the phone is locked.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to get recent notifications and the day's highlights, including the weather, appointments, reminders and stock quotes. Swipe down from the center of any home screen for a search box. From many apps, you can swipe from the left or the right instead of tapping the left and right buttons.

The Control Center is the most useful of the functional improvements.

From there, you can turn Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on and off. Before, you had to find those switches in the settings. That would have come in handy for my flight to Silicon Valley last week for Apple's event introducing the new phones and software. Likewise, a Do Not Disturb feature is easier to access. It lets you silence incoming calls and messages, though you can make exceptions for certain numbers or for those calling repeatedly, in case there is a true emergency.

The Control Center also lets you easily control music playback and adjust the screen's brightness. It gives you quick access to a flashlight feature, the clock, a calculator and camera. My only complaint: You can't pick the apps featured and replace the calculator, for instance, with Facebook or Gmail.

I found the left and right swipes useful primarily within certain apps. In the Safari browser, I use it to return to the previous page. In Mail, I return to the list of messages after reading one. Again, these are all things I could do before with taps rather than swipes, but sometimes the swipe feels more natural.

The new software also makes it easier to manage multiple apps at once. Double click on the home button to see all open apps, each represented by a large image showing the app's content rather than just an icon, as was the case before. Close an app by swiping the image up. In the past, you had to hold down an icon and hit the minus button.

The Siri voice assistant is better, too. She sounds less robotic than she once did and can adopt a male voice. Siri is able to handle a greater range of commands, including adjusting settings and returning recent calls.

The most useful change is the ability to edit voice commands. I asked Siri how the Nets did, but she heard me as Mets. Instead of having to repeat the phrase over and over until Siri got it right, I simply hit ''tap to edit.'' Then again, maybe she's smarter than me: The Mets are still playing, while the Nets don't start the regular season until Oct. 30.

Specific apps that come with iOS are also improved, including these:

- The Maps app offers voice navigation for walking directions, though it still lacks biking and transit directions, as Google offers. The background of maps now dims at night so the screen light doesn't distract drivers.

- Safari makes it easier to switch between open Web pages. Before, you got one page at a time and had to scroll through all to get to the last one. Now, all the open pages are presented like upright dominos, so that you can jump right away to one in the back.

Source: Boston